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A Law firm in UAE We are an innovative litigation and law firm founded on the principle that clients are best served by a consistent focus on their needs, a close working relationship with their attorneys, and skillful, efficient advocacy. To be dedicated to our client’s interests, our lawyers work in partnership with our clients as a legal team, practice before national and foreign jurisdictions, and excel in litigation and international arbitration .
A Law firms in UAE ( Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain,Ajman,Umm Al Quwain,Ras Al Khaimah,fujairah )
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مكتب للمحاماة نعمل وفق طريقة مبتكرة بالتعامل مع كافة القضايا و القانونية على مبدأ رضا العملاء بافضل شكل من خلال التركيز المستمر على احتياجاتهم القانونية و ابداء مهارة و كفاءة في الدعاوى المتعلقة ب القانون و الاستشارات القانونية حيث نحترم خصوصية و قوانين الشركات الداخلية و ندافع عنها كفريق عمل قانوني واحد امام السلطات القضائية الامارتية و التفوق في كافة المجلات التقاضي و التحكيم. خدماتنا محامي او محامون – مكتب محاماة او مكتب للمحاماة قضايا قانونية في الإمارات العربية المتحدة أبو ظبي، دبي، الشارقة، العين، عجمان، أم القيوين، رأس الخيمة، الفجيرة

Our Experience is conversant with all relevant provisions of the UAE laws concerning arbitration, as well as all international rules on conciliation and arbitration. We specialize in Dispute Resolution and act as neutral mediators in compromising disputes between parties and providing consultations in respect with arbitration disputes …


All successful business relies upon strong financial arrangements. Our office represents and advises different banks and financial institutions, as well as their customers on variety of business related legal aspects. Sectors where we have particular expertise include: Debts Collections- Travel bans- Civil cases- -Coordination with international …


Construction forms an integral part of the economy and development of most countries and the UAE is no exception. The number of construction projects has increased substantially in the Gulf over the last decade and the UAE in particular has witnessed a phenomenal construction boom. As a consequence, focus on construction law in the UAE is …


Corporate and Commercial Affairs: We advise a wide range of clients on the intricacies of setting up business under various jurisdictions, as well as the legal ramifications of all peripheral issues involved in the process. Our clientele includes proprietorships, small & large scale entrepreneurs …


Corporate insurance legal issues require the dedicated services of expert. We have been dealt with various insurers and their customers on all aspects within the insurance industry. We have specialized knowledge and industry practice. We have developed specialist sectors with our associates to cater for the following expert areas: Life credit risks- Professional liability- Product liability- Construction risks- Property & personal injury…


We are specializes in the registration and protection of various branches of intellectual property rights, such as Copyright, Trademark and Patents. We have registered a number of prominent trademarks in the UAE. With well versed having diverse experience in the real world of infringement on trademarks, copyrights and patents, we offer a valued legal service for the protection of intellectual property. In addition …


Labor Relations& Related Disputes: We provide complete consultancy services on various legal aspects of the UAE Labor & Employment Laws including litigation. In addition, We are specializes in advising clients on the interplay of local Labor laws, as well as the laws of the country from which employees are hired.


Police Claims & Criminal Lawsuits: We are dealing with various cases and police complaints against defaulted customers who fall behind in financial payments. Our extensive expertise in this field makes us a reliable and trustworthy partner. We have a special department within the company that handles cases and carries out investigations with the Police and Prosecutors

Approach: We believe that effective corporate governance structure is vital for the operation of every business in today’s business environment. The policies and procedures we have encompassed within the firm helps protect the interest of both the shareholders and stakeholders alike.

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